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Boston Engagement Photos :: Kim & Dave

So it’s currently about 80 degrees outside and it’s October 9th. Barely any wind blowing, lovely sunshine, and the air smells just a touch like the fall. I’m a happy girl:) I am, however, inside at my desk getting caught up on all of the stuff I have to do. I feel like I have been digging myself out of a trench lately, like every time I get one shovel out another one gets dumped in. Why does it always feel like that?!?! Grrrr. I guess the good part is that I love doing it right? I do, really, that’s not a lie. It’s just that sitting on a beach with an umbrella drink in hand and my toes buried in the sand one last time before next year is slightly more appealing than sitting at my desk, but whatever, pushing on through:)

Anyway, I know Kim is waiting for these photos. I know this because she actually just emailed me (I adore you Kim!) and so I promised I would pop up the blog post asap. So here I am writing their blog post and smiling, because they make me smile:) They are just comfortable together. You know when you meet a couple and they just seem like they make sense together? Kim and Dave are like that…they make sense and they love each other and that makes me happy! I enjoyed our walk around Wakefield Lake a couple of weeks ago, soaking in a beautiful evening and chatting about anything and everything not related to their wedding. In fact, when I left I said to Kim “we didn’t even discuss your wedding,” and although that seems like a bad thing, it actually is a really good sign because it means we were comfortable just chatting about life. I like to get to know my couples during these shoots and that’s exactly what I got to do with Kim and Dave. Alright, enough of my blabbering and here are the photos!

Seriously, the day we got was so beautiful!

I just love a cuddle:)

Kim has this fantastic laugh. She was smiling the whole shoot.

Rawr…I love this one.

Something about this one makes me happy.


Hot stuff. I loved this little tree.

Kim, you’re pretty. Just thought I should tell you:)

Faaaavvvvorite alert! I love this moment between them.

This is what they’re like all the time though. I told them to stop and they froze mid-walk. Love it!

Tippy toe kiss.

Half serious. Dave kept saying, “I’m not sure what to do in these serious photos.” I like this one though.

  • Kim - Thank you Lexi!! They came out so cute!

  • Angie - Pictures came out great!!! I love them all!!!

  • Frank Kautz - Great shots, I especially liked the black and white treatment. It gives them a timeless quality. The second and fifth one are my especial favorites out of the color ones and your own “favorite alert” among the black and whites.

  • Lauren - You look beautiful Kim! Love them!

  • Anne - So sweet…especially like the 2 where you are sitting!

  • Beatrix Kenny - Great pictures of a great couple. Happiness written all over. I wish you both the best.

  • Ashley - The pictures came out awesome! Their personalities are captured perfectly!

  • Samm - i love how they came out! especially the one where you two are stopped mid-walk :)

  • Dad - Love the Flip-flops…. Great photos..

  • Mom - My baby is so beautiful.. Dave you’re not bad either….Great photo’s

  • Dave's Mom - Loved all the pictures.. So perfect together.You both make your parents proud!

  • Dre - great pictures! frozen mid-walk is definitely my favorite! congrats you two :)

  • Amy - Can’t believe my baby sis is getting married. This pics make it a little more real. Love you both!

  • Shannon - Pics came out great! Can’t wait for your big day!

  • Dave Murnane - Dave looks amazing, he should consider modeling. Great pictures Lexi. Thanks again.

  • Katie - Hey Kim, the pics came out great! Can’t wait for the big day. I’m very proud of you for not breaking anything while you were walking around out there, especially when you stopped mid-stride. :)

  • Taylor - Kim! I love these pictures!!!! You look gorgeous and the lighting is so cool :) Congrats again to you guys!

  • Favorite Sister AKA: Tina - The pictures are perfect, but not as perfect as the couple in them. Favorite Alert is my favorite too, I have a feeling this picture will be in my house for years to come. Love you guys!

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