I’m thirty! GULP

Alright, so I’ve started to just tell people I’m younger. Jeni and I decided that we would go back to 27 or 25 and just relive a few years. Or…I could be 29 again for the next 4 or 5 years. Hey, you’re only as old as you feel right?!?! All kidding aside though, I’m kind of excited to enter into this thirtieth year of my life. There is so much to be done in your twenties and so much change that goes on and I’m kind of happy that I have all of that life experience behind me now. All of those experiences have helped to make me the woman I am today—and that makes me smile :) So, just for myself really, I have decided to name a few of the accomplishments that happened in my twenties, you know, in case I get all sad later tonight or tomorrow (or three years from now) so I can remember the awesomeness that was my twenties!

I graduated from undergrad with a BFA in photography and a minor in art history, I finished grad school with a Masters in Education for visual art, I got my first “real” job, I bought my first car, and then sold my first car, and then bought my second car…all by myself, I bought my first house, I sold my first house, I got my Guinness-pup! I lived in three states within 6 months, I moved across the country…and then moved back :) I started this little photography business!

But most important to me is that I have made awesome and amazing friends along the way in these last 30 years and was reminded of this with the lovely outpouring of emails, blog posts, and text messages that I have received all day long. I complained about being 30 almost the entire day but one of my classes actually sang happy birthday to me, which was very cute:) They then all told me I look 25, so that helped a little bit too;) Hey, they’re high school kids, they don’t lie! I’m posting a couple favorites from a headshot shoot I did with Angela in July (whoa, this was back in July?!?!) and she posted a special blog for me this morning, which, no lie, made me cry. Gosh I’m emotional lately. But thank you to everyone for all the happy birthday wishes and let’s celebrate!

If we’re facebook friends then you know this photo.

Hey, do you think I might be a happy person?!?! :)