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2012…where did you come from?!?!

Wow, 2012. Really…2012?!?! I cannot believe that we are already in our second week of the new year and I haven’t posted since…gulp…November!!! Whoa, sorry about that. To say that my life got crazy somewhere in there is the understatement of the CENTURY. I have been so busy and, let’s be honest here, having so much fun that I have put all blog posts to the back burner—sorry about that. There are a couple of cute ones coming up though, I swear-ish.

Gosh 2011 really gave me a run for my money. That year will go down in the history of my life as the most amazing terrible awesome crazy travel-filled wild life-changing emotional trying fun fabulous interesting year of my life. Much of my life has been on the blog—what with my move to the west coast and then back again—and lots has not. Most of it is personal craziness that won’t be shared here (like living in 3 different states in 6 months) but I did want to put out a personal thank you to all of you in my life who have made the last year so amazing for me, who have supported me no matter what the cost, and who have reminded me that I must have done something really good to have such incredible friends and family around me. I love you all. And let’s toast to this new year, because, well, why not?!?!

And to my clients, my lovely and patient and wonderful clients. Check back tomorrow for your special post. Because I have so much to say about you all that it definitely could not have fit into this post alone:)

Aaaaand, because no post is any fun without photos. Here are a few iPhone pics to sum up my year…and this totally does NOT cover all the places I have been this year or the things I have done (not even close) but they are great memories!

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