Guinness is THREE!!!

My April fools puppy turns 3 today—I cannot believe it! I realize that he is just a dog and those of you with children are rolling your eyes at me. Don’t care…roll away…because it’s my baby’s birthday today and I’m going to celebrate with him. :)

Guinness, I love you so so much…even though you’re stinky and roll in the dirt all the time so that when I pat your back dust billows off of you, I love you even though your mouth smells like something crawled inside it and died (even after I brush your teeth)…I love you even though you have to be in constant contact with me (like when I allow you on the couch and you make sure that at least a paw is touching me even though there’s plenty of room on the other side of the couch), I love you even though you have to lay outside the shower door in the morning so that every time I open it I bump into you and you jump up and then lay down again on the mat so I have to stand on the cold tile floor, I love you even though you can find a pool of water anywhere to swim in (especially if it’s a stagnant swamp), I love you even though you curl up on anything I put on the floor (like my slippers or dirty socks…eeewww), I love you even though you have to lick the bottom of the water bowl ensuring that your entire snout is in the bowl so that water splashes everywhere and drips from your mouth for 2 minutes afterward covering every clean surface of my floors with water and drool, I love you even though you find a way to crawl onto the couch when I leave (after I put the cushions up specifically to deter you from sitting on my light colored couch) thereby weaving your wirey brown hairs everywhere into the couch fabric, I love you even though you wake me up every single morning with light and breathy (but incessant) barking waiting until I invite you up on the bed, I love you even though you’re broken and I’m going to eventually have to pay lots of money to fix your cruciate ligament, I love you even though you get so distracted (by squirrels, birds, people, leaves, pieces of trash) while running with me that you keep throwing off my jogging rhythm and then I yell at you, I love you even though you’re so obsessed with tennis balls that you can’t think about anything else when one is in your vicinity, I love you even though (just like a child) you start doing something bad as soon as I get on the telephone and can’t yell at you, I love you even though you huff at me when I tell you to lay down and wait, and I love you especially when you stretch out like a bunny with your hind legs behind you and crawl your front feet toward me.

I love you, plain and simple, you stinky pain in the rear-end!


A few iPhone pics taken over the last year or so.

My very favorite of Guinness-boo!