Olives…and skiing

Okay, it’s due time that I admit that I sort of…kind of…like olives. It took me sooooo long to like olives that I had it posted in my about me section above that I “don’t like olives of any kind.” I had been trying and trying and trying to like olives forever and every time I tried them I kindly spit them back out in a napkin. They were salty, and bitter, and olive-y tasting, and just terrible! One day someone brought over nicoise olives and told me to try one. We had been through this before, I was very ready with my napkin. I held my napkin close to my mouth while I chewed on this tiny, unassuming olive. And something magical happened. It was the same as all other olives…except yummy. A little milder maybe. It was salty, and bitter, and olive-y tasting, and just wonderful! I began eating these olives quite regularly, until I looked at the price tag. $16.95 a lb. Seriously?!?! Can olives really cost that much? So from here I began loving olives of all kinds. I still prefer good olives, with the pit. I don’t really like sliced and out of the can…yuck:( But, alas, I actually LIKE olives.

Soooooo I had to update my bio section with a new dislike. This was hard. I had to think about something that I wanted to like but hadn’t been able to (and this pretty much ruled out all foods—because aside from my slight dislike of beans and specifically that nasty french dish cassoulet, I don’t HATE beans). I thought about discussing my hatred for ketchup on top of meatloaf, I mean who does that?!?! And there is the equally gross hot dog stew, or tuna fish casserole topped with crushed potato chips (but only my best friend in the world would understand that reference). Sourcraut is yucky too, but I’ve never even wanted to like that. But alas, I would eat all of those things (and have before), truly, my relationship with food is unhealthy.

I thought long and hard about all of the things I don’t like and finally realized that I hate skiing. This is weird. I have skied my entire life, since I was 6 years old or something. And finally, a few years ago, I realized that I have hated skiing for pretty much the whole time I have skied but had always gone because I felt like I was supposed to ski and I was supposed to like it. It’s not the cold or the snow that I don’t like, I like lots of winter sports and activities—ice skating, making snow angels, snowball fights, sledding (especially sledding), snowmobiling (okay snowmobiling maybe isn’t categorized as a “sport” because you ride on a motorized sled, but it’s still an outdoor activity)—but I hate skiing. So there. I said it. I’m a BAD New Englander but at least I admit it. And now it’s out on my blog for all the world to see. Sorry to all of my skiing friends, but I am still happy to partake in ski weekends in the winter and I swear I will make a really mean hot chocolate for you. :)