Coming Up…

Yup…another rainy Monday. I know we had a beautiful couple of weeks in there, but overcast rainy Mondays are particularly the worst! And so, I decided that it would be a smart idea to eat my weight in Nutella today. Because, naturally, that’s a really good idea on a rainy Monday…no?!?! I did run too though, so perhaps the running has outweighed the Nutella? Not likely, but it’s a possibility.

Anyway, I am busting through my to do list but wanted to put a thank you out there to all my amazing and patient clients who are waiting on their blog posts. I swear I am working on them and just to show you it’s true, here are the blog posts coming up soon-ish.


First up is the awesome Kristin. We did a really unique Yoga headshot session and I can’t wait to share with you the awesome pics we got—all because of Kristin’s unique ideas. :)DSC_4144

Then comes Deb & Aedan’s beautiful State Room wedding.DSC_5792

Followed by Carley & Mike’s Boston Public Garden engagement session.carley_mike_e_028BW

And then Kristie & Conor’s fabulous Tupper Manor wedding.DSC_1108BW

And lastly, yesterday I photographed Elenie & George’s stunning Granite Links golf club wedding. DSC_2389


I cannot wait to share all of these photos and blog posts…but I’ll keep working at it so I can actually share said photos. :)