Stupid Lucky

I feel lucky to do what I do. Lucky that I stumbled upon some of the best clients a girl could ask for, lucky that they trust me, lucky that I get to spend some of the most important moments of their lives with them, lucky that I continue a relationship with them after their wedding, lucky that I’m here…doing what I’m doing. I know that a lot of photographers say that they love their job—I know that I have said it before right here on this very blog—but on the days when everything seems impossible to finish, when sometimes I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, when I cannot possibly keep my eyes open another second to edit or email, and I’m sure as hell positive that I am both the worst teacher and photographer in the world, you remind me that not only am I lucky but I am STUPID lucky. Thank you to all of you who in the last few days have reminded me via email, facebook messages, text messages, and phone calls that I am so stupid lucky to have you all as clients and friends. Thank you for making me feel so happy, and I’ll try not to forget how lucky I am ever again.


Thanks to Ange for this ridiculous series of me. I love that she caught me laughing like this. :)