Warp Speed

My life is always moving at some sort of warp speed pace. I think, hey, take a 16-day vacation abroad and relax. Ha…as if relaxing could be done among three countries and six cities in 16 days. I took 2 buses, 2 ferry rides, 2 train rides, and 4 plane flights during that trip. I lugged my camera all over creation and I loved every flippin’ warp speed second of it. Upon my return I did three portrait sessions and a wedding in the first week. Not to mention dinners with friends to catch up, a pool party all the way in Connecticut, a boat cruise in Boston, and a few other cold frosty beverage moments in the last week. There was a much needed pedicure and haircut and highlight in there, a few extra trips to the dog park with Guinness-boo face, and even a trip to the beach. And this was just since I got back 8 days ago!!!!! I expect that someday I will sit in a rocking chair and reminisce on when my life was crazy and moved at such a fast pace, but right now I’m trying to relish in it and if when you last spoke to me I told you the same story that I told you a few days ago, just smile and nod. Smile and nod. :)

Here’s a little glimpse into my life at warp speed.