Isabel :: Newborn

Oh happy snow day everyone. Seriously, can you believe that we have more snow…AGAIN! I am really all set with snow. Done. It’s the middle of March for goodness sake. And now I am teaching until the very end of June, thankyouverymuch for all of the snow days. Arrrggghhh! Okay, that’s my rant for the day…onto baby Isabel. :)

Isabel is the newest addition for my best friend, Jeni, and her awesome other half, Joe. I really wish I could share with you all of the awesomeness of our group text with the girls during the birth but I think Jeni might get a little embarrassed. ;) Suffice it to say we kept her laughing…when she could breathe. ;) And the pic Jeni sent me when baby Isabel was born was unreal—Jeni looked perfect, like not a bead of sweat and all makeup-ed and beautiful. We joked that it was that perfect German engineering. ;) Gotta love your best friends who always make you feel a little worse for wear by standing next to them because they’re so stunning. If she wasn’t so wonderful I would definitely hate her. ;)

So it’s no surprise to me that Isabel is a gorgeous mix of her two parents. She is adorable and lovely and healthy and happy. I was able to spend the weekend with this brand new family and soak up some friend time and take photos of their new life. I’m not exactly a “prop” baby photographer, I’m much more of a lifestyle baby photographer, so let me just get onto the pics! Enjoy!


Who are you lady with that huge camera?!?!
Jeni, I think you’re in love. :)
Joe, Nantucket sweater. Got it!
Gorgeous family!
FAVORITE from the shoot!!! Jeni thought there was NO WAY her baby was going to fit into this cute “loved” onesie when she got it. <3
Blue steel.
Fiiiiiiinally got her to sleep for a photo. :)