New York Botanical Garden Engagement Session :: Nicole & Jon

A few weeks ago I was able to plan a weekend that included visiting my bestie in Brooklyn (haaay JP) and an engagement shoot for one of my fabulous couples, Nicole and Jon. They are getting married this June at the Museum of Science in Boston but they live in NYC and so I was able to meet and photograph them on their turf at the amazing New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx—such a beautiful spot. It was still a bit cold, being early April and all, but the sun was gorgeous (so is the couple…) and the weather cooperated and we did find the one blooming tree in all of the garden. :) This blog is a bit late so onto the photos!

A few of my favorite things about this shoot:

1. Nicole and Jon are both lawyers and are super smart…love that!
2. The spectacular sunlight we got that day
3. Jon’s attentiveness to Nicole (realllllly cute)
4. Nicole’s ability to change an outfit entirely with just accessory add-ons. ;)

 photo nicole_jon_e_009_zps245524ea.jpg
 photo nicole_jon_e_021_1_zps1d26fd49.jpg
 photo nicole_jon_e_024-2_zpsb7c4e0f0.jpg
 photo nicole_jon_e_033_zps43330667.jpg
 photo Untitled-1-31_zps18d01e11.jpg
 photo nicole_jon_e_043_zps0f30d30e.jpg
 photo Untitled-3-18_zpsce78ef27.jpg
 photo nicole_jon_e_072_zps9412daa4.jpg
 photo nicole_jon_e_058_zps224bdfed.jpg
 photo nicole_jon_e_061-2_zpsf8976b7e.jpg
 photo Untitled-2-23_zps43c6455e.jpg
 photo nicole_jon_e_088-2_zps845fee80.jpg
 photo nicole_jon_e_084_zps76d4f664.jpg
 photo nicole_jon_e_095BW_zps1d1d8b46.jpg