Boston Engagement Session :: Rachel & Alex

Happy Derby Day everyone! Derby Day, the day of silly floppy sun hats and mint juleps. I’ve been inside all day but I’m heading out now to enjoy the sunshine and I hope you are all somewhere enjoying a fancy beverage and donning an outrageous floppy sun hat! :)

Anyway, coming to you live on the blog from this week (yup, I’m hopefully back to normal weekly blogging) are Rachel and Alex. These two are honest and caring and have this ease about them that makes you feel at home somehow. They laughed and checked in on one another the whole shoot. We got one of the most gorgeous days to photograph. I was feeling really lucky to be a photographer this week, seriously, every day was better than the next. We met up in Back Bay and walked around Marlborough Street and along the river where we found some blooming cherry trees. Rachel was rocking a gorgeous blue dress and Alex came equipped with an outfit change as well when Rachel changed into dark blue skinnies for our sunset walk along the river. Seriously, love these two and can’t wait to photograph them this summer!

A few favorite things:

1. The location—love Back Bay and the walk along the river
2. Rachel’s fabulous blue dress…you’ll see. :)
3. The comfort these two have with each other…they ooze adorable

 photo rachel_alex_e_015_zpsf40dcdbc.jpg
 photo Untitled-1-31_zps6dbf1775.jpg
 photo rachel_alex_e_019_zps3a156241.jpg
 photo rachel_alex_e_026_1_zps5d1726f5.jpg
 photo rachel_alex_e_038_zps7ad0ca7b.jpg
 photo rachel_alex_e_040BW_zps1ba229cc.jpg
 photo rachel_alex_e_046_zps50d54575.jpg
 photo rachel_alex_e_044-2_zpsd8530ed0.jpg
 photo rachel_alex_e_055_zpsa45b1ae6.jpg
 photo rachel_alex_e_059_zps99db61c9.jpg
 photo rachel_alex_e_063BW_zpsfa220a8e.jpg
 photo rachel_alex_e_069_zpsd51700a3.jpg