Boston Family Photos :: The O’Keefes

I’ve had the distinct honor and priviledge of photographing this family once before, well, actually, twice before. I love when families hire me to photograph them again and I get to watch them grow up over the years. I also grew up next door to Tim. He was good friends with my older brother and sister, making him and his girlfriend Mere the utmost of all that was cool. Anyway, we met up last fall to photograph their family portraits (yes I said fall—hey, don’t judge, I want to share all the photos I’ve taken and I’m still playing catch up) and I love what we got! Plus, the kids got to throw leaves and what is possibly better than that?!?! :)

 photo DSC_8094_zpsc1c7fc93.jpg
 photo DSC_8231_zpsbcea5c92.jpg
 photo DSC_8339_zpsfb7b8103.jpg
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