Clare & Ian :: anniversary

I went to visit one of my best friends last weekend in Denver, the mile-high city. It was a gorgeous weekend full of laughs and a little side of light altitude sickness. Clare is one of my best friends from college and we shared lots and lots of laughs together and many late night chats over far too many bottles of Tanqueray. ;) I photographed her wedding a few years ago and wanted to do some updated photos of the two of them while I was there so we did an impromptu anniversary session. These two are beyond fabulous and I think it shows in their pics. Clare and Ian, love love love you two and I hope you like the sneak peek at your pics…so much more to show you!

 photo Untitled-2-23_zps50b10b53.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_027BW_zps0c3963a3.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_012_zps39cf3f0d.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_018_zpsacdc6cc5.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_023_zps7b2e9b8f.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_034BW_zpsfce6668a.jpg
 photo Untitled-4-16_zps2e555a39.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_048_zps1e832e54.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_063BW_zpsd6619e7f.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_065_zps9d282fd2.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_081_zps536799b3.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_086_zpse88e8ee6.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_097_zpsd11e1b8e.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_110_zps2490a5f1.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_127BW_zpse795dbb7.jpg
 photo clare_ian_anniversary_120_zps078fc5ba.jpg