Boston College Engagement photos :: Lily & Tyler

Lily and Tyler found me through a groomsmen from one of my weddings this year—that is one of those awesome referrals (thanks Wes)! We had rescheduled their first session for rain and I can’t remember if it did actually rain at the time we were supposed to shoot on that particular day but on the second try it was calling for thunderstorms exactly at the moment we were supposed to start shooting…and boy did it rain and thunder! We had decided to go along with the session anyway and I was so grateful because these two were awesome despite the weather and at the end we got perfect warm light and a double rainbow taboot. Seriously amazing. So it was well worth the time we spend under umbrellas getting poured on. :) Anyway, I’ll just get to the photos.

Things I Loved:

1. The gorgeous light that the rain was giving me that day
2. Thank goodness for overhangs on the BC campus!
3. That Lily and Tyler are adorable (and both super tall…Tyler is 6’7″)
4. My clear umbrella :)

 photo lily_tyler_006_zpsdfd65542.jpg
 photo lily_tyler_037_zps9249cdf7.jpg
 photo lily_tyler_076_1_zpsc7e1c2f5.jpg
 photo lily_tyler_038BW_zps884e2e1e.jpg
 photo Untitled-3_zpsf1e3bbf9.jpg
 photo lily_tyler_053_zps86413718.jpg
 photo lily_tyler_056-2_zps49876757.jpg
 photo lily_tyler_058_zps41f82d56.jpg
 photo lily_tyler_043-2_zpsa70593b9.jpg
 photo lily_tyler_082_1_zpsccf49089.jpg
 photo lily_tyler_096_zps1042a156.jpg
 photo lily_tyler_098_zps938693b2.jpg