Boston Newborn Photos :: Jonas & Calder

Yes, TWINS! Are they not the most precious adorable little guys ever!?!? I adore Vicky and Jim, I met them for the first time on their bump session and so enjoyed that session and then watching them become parents to twin boys. I photographed the boys a couple of times to make sure I got the perfect photo of the two of them together (P.S. photographing twins is haaaaard) so you’ll see them a little older in the last few pics. Hope you enjoy!

 photo DSC_4400_zpsaa52ad1d.jpg
 photo DSC_4419_zps40e0af0b.jpg
 photo DSC_5062BW_zps715a332f.jpg
 photo DSC_4758_zps96443bb7.jpg
 photo DSC_4575BW_zpsadd446f4.jpg
 photo DSC_4645BW_zps9c34c1db.jpg
 photo DSC_4915_zps9c539574.jpg
 photo jonas_calder_150_zps64cbfedf.jpg
 photo jonas_calder_146_zpsfa5908a8.jpg
 photo jonas_calder_133_zps232e594b.jpg