Cruiseport Wedding Photos :: Carolyn & Maurice

Gosh this wedding was so much fun! I got to photograph Carolyn and Maurice’s wedding on my birthday this year and it was BEAUTIFUL out. Gorgeous. Absolutely perfect fall weather and I could not have wished it on a more adorable couple. These two make me smile…a lot! :) This is the last wedding that did not get posted from 2012, and again, yes they have their photos. I even got a Christmas card highlighting one of my favorite photos of these two. Stuff like that makes me reaaaallllly happy! And thank you to the ever fabulous Molly, who was second shooting with me that day.

A few of my favorite things:

1. Carolyn’s incredible hair, I mean really, look at those perfect curls
2. KV rocking the house as MOH, hey KV! :)
3. How Carolyn squealed during the I Do’s at the church….soooo cute.
4. The amazing weather from beginning to end
5. Maurice’s calm, relaxed demeanor all day

 photo Untitled-3-18_zpsbe8b8ac0.jpg
 photo Untitled-2-23_zpsa964d780.jpg
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 photo carolyn_maurice_040-2_zpse358404d.jpg
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 photo carolyn_maurice_147-2_zps369a1e9a.jpg
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 photo carolyn_maurice_197-2_zps1ecb81b9.jpg
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 photo carolyn_maurice_392_zps7bbd77e6.jpg
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 photo carolyn_maurice_464_zpsf4d50c90.jpg
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