Jenn & Scott :: Baby Bump

Upon meeting Jenn and Scott for the first time (which I did last week during our session), I was immediately taken with how welcoming and fun they are. Just real, honest people. We got rained out on our first try for this session so this was try number 2 and we almost got rained out this time too (it started raining as soon as I left their house). Whew…lucky. We started the session at a favorite local park and then we went to their house where I got to meet their lovely kitties (who are going to be so jealous once the baby arrives) and view the gorgeous nursery. Anyway, lots of photo goodness to share so here goes.

A few things I loved about this session:

1. That they’re waiting to find out if it’s a girl or boy
2. That Scott did this session at the end of a 48 hour shift…whew!
3. The adorable details in the nursery

 photo jenn_scott_1_006_zps699b1367.jpg
 photo jenn_scott_1_020-2_zps1eb42da9.jpg
 photo jenn_scott_1_022_zps43efc68c.jpg
 photo jenn_scott_1_013_zps6b98346f.jpg
 photo jenn_scott_1_030-2_zps8da00a63.jpg
 photo jenn_scott_1_038_zps201d6450.jpg
 photo jenn_scott_1_044_zpse172ef6d.jpg
 photo jenn_scott_1_027BW_zps9a6e2b33.jpg
 photo Untitled-1_zpsd84091cf.jpg
 photo jenn_scott_1_084_zps7d406bbb.jpg
 photo Untitled-2_zpsf0de9f77.jpg