Boston Harborside engagement photos :: Nina & Pierre

Nina and Pierre met me on a gorgeous evening by the ICA in Boston. The harborwalk in that area is one of my favorite in all of the city. The skyline of the city is perfect there and for a ninety degree day you get awesome breezes (or on this particular day you get a windtunnel). I had never met Nina and Pierre before and had no idea what to expect but these two are absolutely adorable together and laughed and cuddled the whole time. And okay, I may have been a tad bit jealous of Nina’s beautiful white eyelet dress—seriously gorgeous! After photographing these two for a short time I am so excited for their wedding at the end of this month now…can’t wait. :)

Favorite Moments:

1. The amazing light on the back deck of the ICA
2. How Nina & Pierre look like flippin’ magazine models for every shot
3. How much these two cuddle, laugh, and kiss without much prompting…it’s really cute. :)

 photo nina_pierre_e_013_zps61d15b49.jpg
 photo nina_pierre_e_008_zps5bda5a60.jpg
 photo nina_pierre_e_004-2_zpsfffdfb32.jpg
 photo nina_pierre_e_015_zps338bcfe3.jpg
 photo nina_pierre_e_018_zps879db5d3.jpg
 photo Untitled-5_zps9f14ab52.jpg
 photo nina_pierre_e_041_zps01de2904.jpg
 photo nina_pierre_e_045_zpsd4acc320.jpg
 photo nina_pierre_e_049_zpsbf41fd64.jpg
 photo nina_pierre_e_056_1_zps4df2dd7c.jpg
 photo nina_pierre_e_062_zpsbc31fd2b.jpg
 photo nina_pierre_e_064BW_zpsff402cb6.jpg
 photo nina_pierre_e_069_zps5c2dabf1.jpg