Guinness is FIVE!!!

I cannot believe that my baby pup is 5 years old! Happy birthday Guinness! For some reason I seem to only celebrate his birthday on the blog every other year. ;) Here he is at one and here he is at three. :) His birthday was actually on April Fool’s Day but I couldn’t celebrate with him that day so we waited (and he really doesn’t know the difference anyway).

Yes…that’s a dog cupcake (no judgement please), and there he is with his very favorite snack…Goldfish!Untitled-23

Guinness has been the most amazing companion over the last five years. He has seen me through some of my toughest moments as an adult, and some of my happiest. He has moved across the country with me…and then back. I have changed vehicles (twice), lived in a country farmhouse with a huge backyard and downsized to a small city apartment with no yard. He’s still stinky, takes regular dust baths (much to my chagrin), pulls constantly when we run together, and boofs at me when he’s mad. But he is most definitely the best cuddle bug EVER and I have lots of happy pup photos to show you.

And here we are having a cuddle party on the couch this week. Yawns, kisses, and all. :)IMG_8278