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Boston Wedding Photos :: Katie & Mike

As a wedding photographer I’ve ended up with a lot of wedding photographer friends (win #1). As a result of that, I have an awesome pool of fantastically talented friends when I need a second shooter (win #2) and I try to offer my time as a second shooter for my friends as well. I second shoot at least a few events each season but I don’t often get around to posting the photos (and can’t promise that I always will) but I had some extra time these last couple of weekends (thank goodness) and so I’m sharing a few weddings with my blog family. :)

We’ll start with the lovely Katie and Mike that I second shot with the fabulous Lindsey. Lindsey is my bestie and we often second shoot together, which is the most fun. Just imagine working with the person that always makes you laugh the hardest…it makes for a terrific workday. :) And her couple Katie and Mike were absolutely wonderful. So comfortable together, totally gorgeous, and didn’t worry a single moment about the rain on their wedding day. Here’s a very small snippet of their wedding—because most of the time I was being a diligent second shooter and was holding an umbrella. :)

The guysLDP_5062


Loved that the girls rocked it without the umbrellas for a few shots!LDP_5687

Gorgeous Katie…just look at her laugh!Untitled-9

Gray and purple was such a nice color combo for the spring. I also really liked the different tie clips for each guy. Untitled-10


This was my favorite moment…big love.LDP_5843

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