Boston Author Headshots :: Andrea

Andrea makes me smile. She is just so easy to photograph—she’s a natural in front of the lens and has such a classic look. Beyond that she is incredibly kind and interesting and fun and all of the things that make your really like a person. :) Lately Andrea has been writing up a storm, which is why we opted for some author headshots. Yes, we did the traditional straightforward headshot—and those came out great—but she also wanted something a little different and more natural and honest to who she is as a person. So we headed out to Elm Bank in Wellesley and borrowed a FANTASTIC vintage Fiat convertible from one of her friends, and had just a little bit of fun! I adore when my clients want to do something different and I think we nailed it with that last pic! Andrea, I hope you like these and I have so much more to share.

Favorite Moments:

• Ward was along for the shoot and although I don’t have a photo of him in this post he kept Andrea laughing the whole time (in case you don’t remember their awesome Gatsby-themed wedding, check it out here)
• Andrea felt most comfortable in her sunglasses and it shows—love the candid shots
• The vintage 1982 Fiat convertible…need I say more?!








Andrea drew inspiration from this shot…I think we got it! LDP_1352