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Vineyard Engagement Photos :: Kim & Rich

I met Kim and Rich (aka Kimmies and Ping) a few years ago for the festivities leading up to one of my best friend’s wedding! Then we all spent time together that summer on one of the most amazing places on earth, Nantucket, and the friendship was officially formed. Nantucket is now an annual Labor Day destination with 25+ people and I’ll put a photo from 2012’s white party in here for good measure. :)


Alright, onto the engagement session! Since being in front of the camera can be a little bit daunting Kim & Rich had me meet them at Jonathan Edwards Winery. Starting the photos at a vineyard…you know…after several bottles of wine have been consumed is really a good idea—it helps take the edge off. ;) I’ve never photographed these two even though I’ve known them for years so I wasn’t sure what to expect and then they gave me a perfect shoot. Love, love, love. Of course, when your couple is beautiful, the light is perfect, and you’re in a flippin’ vineyard not much can go wrong. ;) Kim and Rich, you already know I adore you two and am so excited to share this little peek at your photos. And now I CANNOT wait for the wedding in September (trust me blog readers, this one will be good)!

Favorite Things:

• Kim’s gorgeous blue dress (I have the same one in black and I photograph weddings in it).
• Rich said he was not excited about the photos but he kind of likes Kim…and it kind of shows. ;)
• The perfect light that was in what may or may not have been a cow paddy—but it kind of smelled like it…
• The wind-tunnel that had the best light…but not the best hair wind. :(














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