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Maudslay State Park Family Photos :: Forrest Family

I said this when I posted their photos on Facebook and I’ll say it again. Some families are ridiculously adorable, and this one is no exception. You know the kind of family that walks down the street and you honestly wonder how they do it—3 kids in tow under the age of 4 and the parents and kids always look amazing?!?! Well, Adam and Lindsay are those people. And if they weren’t so darn wonderful and their kids weren’t so sweet (the girls even sent me home with flowers at the end of the shoot and thanked me for taking their pictures) I would definitely dislike them…a lot. ;) But instead, of course, I adore them.

I had the opportunity to photograph Lindsay and Adam’s wedding 4 years ago and in that time they added three of the cutest, sweetest little girls ever to their family—Miss A, Miss Q, and little Miss K. Let’s not even mention their facebook posts where they are off to foreign countries and sitting all relaxed in beer gardens in Germany with all three kids smiling for photos. Seriously, who are you people and what amazing planet did you come from and can I possibly visit there?!?! In all seriousness though, I adore you two more than you know and I am so glad I finally got to meet your 3 beautiful girls, and Tucker-pup too. :)

Favorite Things:

• Miss A is very girlie and we had to coax her with the promise of gummies to walk in tall grasses
• I love that Lindsay and Adam had no illusions of grandeur here, they understood that their girls may not cooperate for the whole shoot (but they actually did really well)
• I was invited out to dinner by the girls, right before I got my flowers…probably my favorite little moment of the night. :)


















And here are the flowers that Miss A & Q gave me. :)

  • Michelle Simms - Ahhhh, cutest family ever!

  • Adam - I know I am totally biased :) but you take amazing pictures and make it so easy! Not only that but we have a great time chatting and catching up with between takes….looking forward to you capturing our family over the years to come….don’t you go anywhere!

  • Andrea - Lindsay has been my BFF for years and it still amazes me everyday as to how they do it all…and look amazing doing it! I was there at the most fantastic wedding ever when you took their gorgeous photos, but somehow love these even better with their 3..(I’m sorry, 4) perfect additions!! You’ve captured this family wonderfully!

  • Lindsay - These photos are absolutely adorable!! Love!

  • Kelli Strob - What beautiful pictures of such a beautiful family! Love these !

  • Beth - So freakin adorable!! Amazing pics!

  • Katie - Beautiful pictures of an awesome family!

  • Katie - Absolutely beautiful photos of a beautiful family!

  • Beth W - Love this beautiful family!

  • Anette - I love the pics!! But I do think we need to do an extended family photoshoot one day with all of us:) It’s adorable how the girls’ personality shows through the pictures and it makes me miss them even more!!
    Hopefully you’ll be in charge of the wedding pics at Noah and Kiley’s wedding in 25 years or so;-)

  • Jen - Beautiful pictures, beautiful family, beautiful Tucker : )

  • Donna - I thought the wedding pictures were gorgeous
    You have topped yourself with these

  • Deborah Poelker - So natural looking, yet they all look like models! Amazing and beautiful!

  • Katie Routhier - These belong in a magazine! Beautiful pictures/beautiful family!

  • Dee Arp - This is truly a beautiful family and you won’t meet a nicer one. I am so glad they are in my life.

  • Jackie - I can not take the cuteness of these kiddos and there awesome parents!!!!! Amazing photos deserved for an amazing family! Ijust wish I could see them more often in person!! Xo

  • Pops - Those girls are all so adorable—-Lindsay and Adan and Tucker look great too

  • Jean Landi - So beautiful! What great shots you got in such a beautiful setting. Great job!!

  • Pamela Boesch - I can’t pick a favorite, I love all of these gorgeous pictures! Adam and Linds, you have a beautiful family!

  • Jake - Love those little girls. Tucker too

  • Mark Menery - Awesome!

  • Anna - They are the most adorable little girls! Beautiful family photos. They put a smile on my face. Love the dog too!

  • Kelly Kacamburas - I can’t even find words to fully describe how gorgeous this family and these pictures are!!!! Perfection!!

  • Amy - CANNOT handle these pictures!! Love all of them and this family!! Amazing!!

  • Rob - Those photos are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Molly C - Such awesome pictures!

  • Tara - Pictures are gorgeous! Wow!

  • Larry - Top down gorgeous family , nice pics

  • Dr. Freedberg - Adam looks like you need to see me soon. Great pics

  • Michael O'Brien - Unreal photos! Nice work!

  • Alyson - Adorable! Great photos!

  • Pamela Gerrior - Beautiful Photos of a Beautiful Family!

  • Meagan - Beautiful photos, beautiful family!! :)

  • Maureen - They are an incredibly beautiful family..dog included. Put them on a magazine cover!

  • Mary Ann Charlton - Wow, how beautiful – how blessed —

    Auntie Mary Ann and Uncle Kenny –

    Uncle Kenny is in awe !!!

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Helene - The photos say it all…what a beautiful family. You too Tucker!

  • Fran Ambrosino - What beautiful pictures. Captures the happiness of your family.

  • Gail wasmus - these pics are beautiful, love the different poses used. Kids look adorable…Tucker too!

  • JEANINE GARRETT - These pictures beautiful. What great memories

  • Orietha - You “Forrest” family can sure take beautiful pics – awesome :) ?

  • Geri - Very Nice Pictures. What a beautiful family. Kids are adorable

  • Adam - Such great pics – look forward to seeing you guys soon!

  • Adrian Ford - Such lovely photos of a gorgeous family including Tucker. Simply beautiful girls and Adam is adorable too!

  • Diane - Fantastic pictures of a very photogenic family

  • Maureen Sass - Awesome pictures!! The girls are as beautiful as the parents!!

  • Sabrina - OMG! these are great family photos. Beautiful kids!

  • Melissa - These are the most precious pictures! What an beautiful family!!

  • Lenore Walsh - These pictures are amazing! they capture such happiness! Enjoy life!

  • Mike - Great pictures!

  • Jan - These pictures came out fantastic! Love the all of them especially the full color family shots!

  • Kevin - Great photos!!

  • Emily - So cute Lindsay! Such beautiful pictures!

  • Kathy Hamilton - Pictures are great. Must be a photographer’s dream to have such a good looking, cooperative subject.

  • Marlene Syers - What a beautiful family. Pictures are gorgeous !

  • Kelsey Klimkowski - Beautiful Family, love every single picture. Lexi you always do a great job.

  • Glori A - Such a beautiful family !

  • Keri - Doesnt get much better! Great pics!

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