Maudslay State Park Wedding Photos :: Kristen & Sam

I loved this day! Kristen and Sam are the sweetest together and I got to do something really special with them: photograph their wedding photos on their almost one year anniversary! Their wedding story starts with a cruise to Bermuda and ends with a hurricane that pushed them off course, forcing them to get married in The Bahamas instead. They never did get their official wedding photographed and so I was able to share in the moment that they first saw each other in their wedding attire, meet their lovely families, and spend time with a bridal party that was willing to get dressed up on a beautiful Saturday in September to get their official wedding photos taken. It was awesome!

The light was perfect—slightly overcast but bright—the temperature had just broken and was finally uder 80 degrees, the park wasn’t crowded…it was honestly a perfect day for photos. Add to that an adorable happy couple and this is what you get! Onto the photos!

Favorite Things:

• Kristen decided last minute to do a first look…I didn’t realize they hadn’t seen each other in their wedding attire yet!
• We photographed in one of my favorite parks in front of one of my favorite trees ever!
• Kristen was so happy to finally have wedding photos and she couldn’t stop smiling. :)