Wingaersheek Beach Senior Portraits :: Abby

A couple of weeks ago just before school started (yes, school has started) I had the pleasure of meeting up with the lovely Abby for her senior portraits. I just LOVE senior portraits! I love the excitement that I see in my seniors—the happiness, the perma-smile, the joy of entering their last year of high school. Just love it! Abby was really calm though, almost too calm. She’s thinking about a few different schools (most of the out of state) and was feeling pretty relaxed about the process of applying to school. Abby, I truly hope you stay as relaxed as you were a couple of weeks ago. :)

We got the most beautiful evening at Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester. The drive down was hot and muggy and just as I arrived in Gloucester the fog started settling in. It made me a little nervous because the fog was quite thick but it made for the most beautiful light down on the beach. The sun poked in and out from behind foggy clouds and gave us this bright even lighting. Not that I could take a bad photo of Abby to begin with, but great light is always a welcome visitor. Okay, onto the photos!

Favorite Things:

• Abby is a natural beauty and is totally comfortable with who she is and it shows in her photos
• The smiling, Abby was always smiling and giggling…so perfect for photos
• That fog though…really, that fog!