All You Need Is Love & A Dog


Yes it’s April fools day…but it’s also Guinness’s birthday! Today my baby turns 7…SEVEN!!! I have no idea how that happened, I’m not understanding how this sweet baby puppy turned into a full grown adult dog with lots of gray on his chin. I have so many things to say about this pup—about his sweetness, the way his tail always runs in a circle when he’s really happy, and especially the weird walrus sounds he makes when you scratch his back or rub his belly—but what comes to mind is mostly that I love him probably more than anyone should love another earthly being. Way more. And if I could carry him around in my pocket all day as a miniature-sized-Guinness I would be the happiest lady in all the land. But then again, he wouldn’t be such a fantastic pillow if he was miniature sized so I’ll leave him just a little bit overweight and deal with the fact that he steals most of the couch. :)