Boston Artist Headshots :: Christina

A couple of weeks ago I was able to get this fantastic artist in front of my lens! My friendship with Christina started many years ago as co-workers who essentially share a classroom (thanks 1970’s “teaching with no walls” school design). Thankfully that turned to true friendship a few years later and now I can’t imagine a school day without this woman. It’s long been said that who you work with helps to make your work more enjoyable, and so I am truly thankful for Christina and our many many talks about things big and small, and her near endless knowledge on everything under the sun, and she helps me think about how to be a better teacher, a better artist, and a better person daily.

So when we decided to do some creative headshots I was excited to think outside the box. Many headshots shoots are straightforward, as they are meant to be used for a very specific purpose. But with the invention of social media and all the different ways our work is seen and shared, it has become more and more important to have photos for introductions, to accompany a write up in an online publication, for websites, and book jackets, and fun photos to share on instagram. Enter creative artist portraits! We wanted to get some images of her actually painting, and photograph them somewhere that you may actually run into her—Boston’s Back Bay and the Charles River Esplanade seemed perfect.

If you have a chance don’t forget to visit Christina Chang Art to view her stunning paintings and prints.

Favorite Things:

• Christina and I both have a thing for dresses so I love that she chose such a fantastic pink dress
• I LOVED being able to photograph Christina’s work, having a photo of the artist with her work helps to connect you (the viewer) to her talents
• Something about plein air painting makes me smile. :)