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When I was a child I never understood when people would say “oh, you look like your father” or “doesn’t she look just like her mother” because I just couldn’t see the resemblance. I chalked it up to people trying to be nice and never thought much about it. Then, one day, my friends started procreating and suddenly I could see their faces in these little tiny people they were producing and it was SO crazy! In looking at miss Adele she is 95% Jon in her mannerisms and facial structure—also the attitude, but that’s a different discussion hehe ;)—but her eyes are allllll Lindsey. She’s just adorable so thankfully my best friends make really really cute babies. :)

Back a couple of months ago when there were still leaves on the trees and the weather was, well, actually, the weather was just about as warm as it is now. ;) I got to photograph this adorable family in time for some fall themed goodness and even though Adele had other plans for what should happen that day we ended up getting, hopefully, a few family favorites. It’s Jon’s birthday today (happy birthday Jon!) so I figured it was a perfect time to give a little sneak peek!

Favorite Things:

• Low sunlight at an apple orchard will always win my heart
• Smiling happy babies, or cuddling and pulling hair, makes for a great photo
• Check out how much Jon can make Adele laugh


I got to meet Liz & Steven on an unseasonably warm December day a couple of weeks ago. Really, the weather was beyond incredible and we got the sun just peeking through the clouds and I was soooooo happy to be in Charlestown with these two. Liz & Steven are the easy going kind of couple that teases one another and laughs together and the whole shoot was very relaxed. I have some favorites to show and I know Liz is waiting for these so here’s a sneak peek. :)

Favorite Things:

• I love a warm December day when the light is hidden behind clouds
• Liz & Steven laughed and giggled as soon as they stood next to each other, I love a little laughter
• Charlestown Navy Yard—I mean…perfection!


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