I am a wedding photographer with photojournalistic tendencies. I try to stay out of your hair and make your day as stress-free as possible. When it comes time for posed shots, I like to infuse a little fashion and a little fine art. Above all, I want you to look great and feel like a rockstar. I strive to create photos that even strangers would want to hang on their wall.

As a wedding photographer, I like to let your day unfold and happen as it would if I wasn’t there. I enjoy being able to capture the story of your day as it is being told. I love the candid qualities of unabashed laughter, the sincerity of real moments between couples, and the natural emotion of a wedding day, hence: candid. real. emotional.

There’s another part of style that most wedding photographers don’t talk about: their editing style. Believe it or not, most of the work I do takes place AFTER the wedding. I spend tons of time cleaning up your photos, brightening and tweaking them, so they look the best they possibly can. Then I spend even more time on your very favorite pictures, doing little Photoshop tricks, so you end up with stunning, immaculate, magazine-quality images.

Then, after all that, I send your wedding pictures off to my genius album designer, who pulls them all together to form the story of your big day.

Lots of work, no? Luckily, I love being a wedding photographer so to me, its time well spent!