3 Steps To Beautiful Gallery Walls In Your Home

Today I am going to elaborate on our wall art process and show you 3 steps to gallery walls in your home. Here is a real world example of a client wanting to create a beautiful gallery wall with framed canvases (which happen to be a favorite of mine). She sent me a photo of the blank wall with and we created the absolute perfect gallery wall for her. This is our signature canvas collection, featuring a 20×30 canvas in the middle and 2 16×20 canvases on the sides. Gorgeous!

  1. Prep for your wedding or portrait session by taking a walk through each room of your home to decide where you might want to put the final photos. Do you want them in the living room over the couch? Going up the stairs with other photos? In a bedroom? In your office?Tape an 8.5×11” (letter sized) sheet of paper to each wall that you’re considering. Then take a photo straight on (it doesn’t have to be perfect), and send it to me before your wedding or session. This will give me a feel for your space and style. Here Amanda just sent me the exact measurement between the windows, which is also fine.  

2. When your photos are ready, I’ll load the photos into my wall design program so we can look at your photos to scale and know exactly what they will look like in each space. We played around with a few setups before finding this one.

3. You can purchase the designs right through your online gallery. They are shipped directly to you for install and voilá you have a perfect gallery wall! Amanda & Matt purchased the canvas gallery through their online gallery. Once the photos were chosen they were shipped out in a matter of days.

Now you have an easy 3 steps to get to gallery walls in your home. If you are interested please reach out for questions or to book your session!

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March 9, 2020

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