The Lexi Photography Gallery Reveal Process

What is this gallery reveal thing you keep hearing about? Well, in the last year I’ve focused more closely on getting photographs on the walls for my clients. I altered my approach, making sure that I support you in how you want to present your photos. Here’s the story. I realized after getting married that the way we release images to our clients, as a whole in the photo industry, could use some work. A little finesse if you will. I always told my clients the timeframe the photos would be released and sent the gallery link in an email with excitement. But then…nothing. Not that I didn’t hear from my clients. I definitely did! But I felt that it just fell a little flat. After all that time with a couple and all the work on their images and then I just sent the photos out into the world without a second thought. You see? The photos are like my babies. And I want to protect them and help you find the best way to nurture them? Getting my drift?!? So after some thought and a lot of careful consideration, I found a better way to be sure that you have the time to really sit down and enjoy your images. The gallery reveal!

The Gallery Reveal

You’ve already seen the style guide and have an idea of how you want to display you photos (I’m here to chat about this at any time). A few weeks after the session (usually about 3 days to a week before I am done editing the photos) I send you an email asking you to choose a date and time that is the best for you to sit down and view the photos for the first time. You can find a day or evening or weekend that works for you to view the photos in the comfort and privacy of your own home. That way you can pop some bubbly, make some popcorn, or just cuddle together and view a highlights slideshow of your wedding photos or portraits together for the first time. This is a HUGE game changer! My clients have waited as long as a couple of weeks to find the best date for them to view the photos together. It’s just better to see them with your people, your person.

Your gallery is still online for 3 months, you can order whenever you want, but on the gallery reveal day you have a one-day sale on all products. So if you have perused your style guide and considered what you want to purchase then you can easily and quickly make those decisions on the day you get your gallery. That is the secret to how we get frames and albums in your hands in as little as 4 weeks!

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June 30, 2019

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