4 Weeks To Custom Albums and Frames In Your Hands

12×12 Album with distressed leather cover

Albums and frames always seem so daunting. How do we choose the best images for the story? What frame color looks good on my wall? I focus on pre-designing your album & frame options so you can make changes to the designs and still have your custom albums and frames in your hands in as little as 4 weeks!

Personalized Design Services

After years of photographing, creating albums, and helping my clients through frame and canvas purchases I found that the one thing that is really missing for my clients is that pivotal process from photo to print—the design process. So many people love their photos but just have no idea what to do with them. We have wonderful plans of creating a gallery wall, or an album design…but then life happens and the photos never get printed. Trust me, I get it. So this past year I started to really focus on design consultation for my clients. I offer photographic design expertise to my clients and make sure that the service I offer doesn’t ever leave you without beautiful prints on your wall or protected in an archival album. I do not just give you your photos and walk away, I provide a service that helps to get your framed images and albums in your hands in as little as 4 weeks. Yes really! The way I do this is with my custom design services.

Through our discussions before and during your shoot I collect some ideas of how you want to display your photos. Are you searching for small framed desk or gift prints? Or perhaps you want to capture the full session or wedding in an album. Or maybe you want a gallery wall, or a storytelling frame. I consider all of this so that by the time I start editing the photos I already have an idea of how to create the best album or wall art design that works for you! This is truly personalized design.

20×20 storytelling frame (featuring 9 5×5″ photos)

Custom albums and frames displayed in your online gallery

In your online gallery you will have a separate gallery devoted entirely to your wall art and keepsakes. If you love the designs you can purchase them directly from the online gallery and then make changes to the images, frame type, or album design. I give you 30 days from the time of purchase to make those changes. For framed art and framed canvases you have 30 days to make your final selections. And yes I am always available for further design consultation. For album design you also have 30 days and all of this is done through an online proofing program. Through the proofer you can change layouts, add or delete spreads, swap photos, and make retouching requests. I find this is the best way to not overwhelm you with choices and make sure you don’t feel rushed by a decision. My clients often choose one of the wall art collections or the album that is offered and simply swap out the images or frame type. Making changes to an existing design is much easier than starting from scratch. At least I think so.

So if you are ready to book your wedding or portrait session with me, just know that I will also help you find the best way to display those images for years to come in custom albums and frames. Let’s start making some art!

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July 9, 2019

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