Boston Engagement Photos :: Katie & Matt

As I said when I posted this session on facebook:

“Okay…there’s a moment, people. A moment when your former student contacts you to photograph her wedding and you think for a second…”There’s no way I’m old enough to have a student who can get married…” But photo world, I AM old enough. I mean, I WAS old enough several years ago. But until today I could pretend that I was still 22 (I would go back to 22 in a second). But alas I’m a touch (ahem) older than 22 and tonight I had the distinct pleasure of photographing a student I had my VERY FIRST YEAR of teaching! So I must’ve done something right…right?!?! I am pleased to give you Katie and Matt’s sneak peek from our perfect fall evening in Boston!”

So I just adored photographing these two. Katie and Matt have a fantastic story that started in high school—we all know I love a good HS love story—and they have the sweetest connection with one another. We got to meet up on a beautiful warm fall evening when the leaves were just starting to turn yellow and the Esplanade was filled with happy people enjoying the fall weather. :) We also got the chance to end the session at my favorite {hidden} parking lot with the best sunset view of the city. :) Eeeek, let’s get to the photos.

Favorite Things:

• Katie and Matt wore the perfect matching neutrals.
• There was so much yellow and gold on this fall day. <3
• I loved how these two laughed together, perfection!


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November 10, 2016


  • Gorgeous photos, Katie and Matt! Can’t wait for July! xoxo

  • My gorgeous niece and her handsome husband to be! Lexi you certainly captured their true happiness as they begin this special journey.
    Cannot wait to see what unfolds at their wedding through your wonderful pictures. Looking forward to July 17, 2017 with such excitement in my heart.

  • Awesome pictures! Love the color of the leaves in the background! Great looking couple

  • It’s so hard to choose which one is my favorite! Love them all!

  • Love all of these, gorgeous work Lexi! Can’t wait for July 15!!

  • These are so beautiful!!! I love them all! :) Cant wait for the big day!!

  • These pictures capture the phrase Katie loves, “Live, Laugh, Love”
    As a Mom, it is such a joy to see just how in love my daughter is and more importantly, just how much Matt loves her back. I never doubted either but seeing the way the look at each other and make each other laugh just warms my heart.
    Thank you, Lexi, for this beautiful engagement shoot! I can’t wait for the wedding pictures!

  • This photo shoot is very nice, all the photos look great.

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