Plymouth Engagement Photos :: Shaylin & Jason

Some evenings are just kind of perfect…and I certainly needed a perfect evening last week after sitting in 2.5+ hours of traffic getting down to Plymouth from Boston. Thank goodness I was lucky enough to photograph the gorgeous and fun duo of Shaylin & Jay on the beautiful Priscilla Beach, where Shaylin’s family has a summer cottage. This beach is right out of a novel about the cape—rocky shores, quiet cottages along the water, beautiful white sand—it was beyond perfect! We caught the most beautiful hour of late overcast light and Shaylin and Jay were smiling the whole time, which made my job super easy. I think when you’ve been together for 10+ years, it just kind of comes easy. :) I can’t wait to photograph these two again on this gorgeous beach next August!

Favorite Moments:

• Shaylin hates being way shorter than Jay and so she would stand on her tippy-toes in photos to make sure she wasn’t too little. ;)
• Every time I told these two to cuddle up they would just laugh and giggle and it made every photo perfect!
• The light this evening was unreal, as was the whole beach. I was in photographer heaven!

















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September 15, 2014


  • Congrats Shaylin & Jason!

    You photos are beautiful!!!!! We are so happy for you both! You are the best looking and sweetest couple ever!! Your beautiful pictures tell it all! Can’t wait for the wedding! Your wedding photos will be amazing too! Your photographer captured your natural beauty and love for each other!
    Mom and dad have a lot to be happy and proud of!!!
    Kathy & Steve Garey

  • Wow! I don’t think these photos could get any more perfect for Shay + Jay! I am beyond excited for these two to tie the knot. Shay is going to be a gorgeous bride! Can’t wait for the wedding pics :)

  • Shay! Laura sent me the link to check these out… you look so happy and beautiful! Lovely photos. Wishing you both the very best! Xoxo

  • Congrats, Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait for the Wedding!

  • Your engagement pictures are amazing! What a gorgeous couple. You both look so happy and in love-my dream come true!

  • Shay and Jay, your true love for each other shines through in every photo! You two are the happiest.and most fun loving couple to all who know you – can’t wait for the big event next summer!
    Mom and Dad

  • The two of you are glowing! So happy and in love. I love you both. Xoxo

  • Shaylin & Jason,

    Your pictures are gorgeous, you both look so happy.

    We wish you love and happiness.

    All our love,

    Nana, Uncle Kevin, Aunt Jean and Nicole.

  • You guys look amazing!! I can’t wait to celebrate with you two next summer!!

  • Such beautiful pictures Lexi! Helps a lot that Shay is stunning, Jay is handsome, and they are clearly so in love! Priscilla beach is such perfect spot too. Cannot wait until 8/15/15! Only more great photos and memories to come.
    Lots of love to the couple,

  • love, love, love your photos! Looking forward to more wedding festivities :)

  • I thoroughly endorse these beautiful photos of a beautiful couple… And of my favorite beach on earth.

  • These came out awesome! You both look so good :) Congrats again I’m so happy and excited for you guys! Me and Kory miss you and definitely can’t wait for the wedding!!
    Love you

    Ash and Kory

  • The photos look great, you two are still as adorably in love as you were in high school. Can’t wait to celebrate next summer. Hope to catch up with the happy couple over the holidays!

  • You look so beautiful Shaylin!!! I’m so happy for you and Jason, congratulations!

  • Shay and Jay,

    Excellent pictures!!! I cant wait to see your wedding photos.


  • These pictures came out awesome shaylin!!! It definitely captures true love <3

  • Congratulaions Shay and Jay! Your photographer has captured your obvious true love for one another and the fun, happy people you both are! Cheers! Love, Tammy C

  • Congratulations, Shaylin and Jason! It is clear from these beautiful pictures how in love you are and how much fun you have together. Can’t wait for the wedding! Love, Linda and Theo

  • Stunning photos of a beautiful couple! Wishing you much joy and happiness always.
    Karen & Bill, Gillian, Quenton & Rhiannon

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