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I’m kind of hopping all around with my posts lately. Sorry. :( I’m going generally in order but this post is special and I totally forgot to pop up even a sneak peek for my lovely Jeni and so I decided to do a full post for her so she can see the pics.

Jeni is one of my dearest friends in the whole world. We share a rich history of laughter and memories and champagne…lots and lots of champagne. ;) I have been there for all of her important moments (check out her engagement and wedding pics), and she’s been there for mine. We have laughed until tears ran down our cheeks (more times than I can count), basked in the sun on more beaches than I knew existed, danced around more than a few fire pits, and talked and talked and planned for futures completely unknown to us from the age of 16 on. We have laughed until the bubbly went dry, and then, naturally, popped another bottle! Jeni, for all of our planning and chatting and dreaming that we have done, this marks yet another defining moment in your story and I am honored, as always, to be a part of it. I love you to pieces and here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come and I cannot wait to meet (and photograph) the dragon soon! :)

The majority of these photos were taken after Jeni’s baby shower, but I wanted to pop up a few pics of the amazing job that the ladies (the laids) did on decorating and planning. I was not a part of this awesomeness, but the least I could do is photograph it. Sarah (SJ), Kim (Kimmies), and Lyss (buttercup)—you girls outdid yourselves!

Jeni + Joe + Baby Tremblay (lovingly referred to as “The Dragon”).

This photo is a bit soft. Don’t care. Love it!

Yup, there’s one in there! :)


Awww, seriously you two are adorable!

I am certain this is true. I am also certain that this will NOT fit your baby once he or she comes out. ;) Joe is 6’4′ and Jeni is 5’10”. Don’t think baby Tremblay will be a little thing.

Jeni, you are seriously the most stunning pregnant lady! Folks, this girl ran a half marathon when she was 25 weeks pregnant. You read that right, not a joke.

Joe thinks so too. ;)

What, who’s having a baby?!?!

Jeni, you’re beautiful. Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I think you swallowed a basketball…

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January 11, 2013


  • You look gorgeous, Jeni!! Congrats! Babies are awesome ;) and Lexi, I had a 22″ beast and I’m 4’11… haha you never know!! :)

  • I love love love these! Lexi, you are amazing as always! So lucky to have you in my life! PS, counting down the weeks until we can pop that bubbly together! ;)

  • These are all stunning, as expected!!! Jeni, you are beautiful and Lexi, you are amazing!! Love you laids xoxo

  • Jeni & Joe- absolutely beautiful! Love these pictures! Lexi- you certainly capture the love and excitement! Beautifully done!!

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