Boston Engagement Photos :: Kristie & Conor

Peanut butter chocolate chip. That’s the type of cookie I baked on Sunday night at 10:30 PM. Yup, this is going to be one of those weeks for me! My stress relievers are generally baking and running…I did both on Sunday. Wedding season has come on in full force and you are going to see tons and tons and tons of imagery from me. I think I’m happy about that…as long as I can get it all done. :) I’ll keep editing…while eating peanut butter chocolate chip cookies…and run 15 miles a week to try and counteract the cookie eating. Terrible cycle don’t you think?!?!

Anyway, next up on the blog is the ridiculously fun Kristie and Conor! We met up on a beautiful evening last week and got to run around the commons and Beacon Hill (one of my favorite areas to stroll around in). The light was absolutely PERFECT on this particular evening and Kristie and Conor were not exactly difficult to photograph. Let’s just say that the camera kind of likes them. :) Their wedding is just a few weeks away and I cannot wait to get these two in front of the camera again. Enough of my talking…here’s a few to tie you over until their wedding!

I kind of love this one. Might be a favorite.

Oh heeeey Conor!

Kristie…you’re beautiful…that is all.

This was without prompting. They really are just this cute all the time. :)

I told you the light was beautiful!

I love that Kristie & Conor coordinated…but didn’t match. Even their shoes. Love!

Beacon Hill…you can’t take a bad photo.

Another favorite!

Dancing in the street. I couldn’t help myself because this is soooo cute. :)Photobucket

I absolutely LOVE this series. Photobucket

Does anyone else think that Kristie looks like a prettier Olivia Wilde here?!?! (Olivia Wilde is the actress that plays Thirteen on the show House.)

Yeah…the camera doesn’t like you two at all!

I like this shot even though there is a car in the background.

With the light and their laughter I honestly could not take a bad photo.

We rode back out of town on the T and I grabbed this photo. People around me thought I was crazy…I didn’t mind. :)

This was Conor’s one request. Love this shot. Totally worth the wait to get it. :)

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May 16, 2012


  • absolutely beeeauutiful!!! perfect pictures! you lil lovies look so fab : )

  • These pictures are amazing! You 2 look great!

  • They are the best! and your right! they CANNOT take a bad picture!!!

  • These photos capture the love and friendship between Kristie and Conor absolutely perfectly. Beautiful!!

  • These pictures are amazingggggg!! You two are such a good looking couple!!

  • Some serious blue steel in there (I’m looking at you, Conor) – the pictures are beautiful!

  • The pictures came out beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Simply beautiful. Congratulations and Good Luck!

  • Just beautiful – how wonderful to be so much in love!

  • I love these pictures!! LOVE LOVE LOVE… Lexi you are great, but you did have two beautiful people!!! Happy Days guys!!

  • Absolutely beauuuutiful!! I just love xoxo

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