Gibbet Hill Wedding Photos :: Kristyn & Billy

I am posting this right now from a Starbucks in the middle of the country (thank goodness for Starbucks and for green tea lemonades). I am visit my Oma in Wisconsin and she does not have wifi. It’s the few times you are completely without wifi access that you realize how much of your life revolves around wifi. As a photographer I just have to accept that I am a wifi glutton and that is my life. :) Anyway, Let’s get to the gorgeous Kristyn & Billy!

Kristyn & Billy found me through Laura & Brian and I was so honored that they contacted me after seeing L&B’s photos. Kristyn even told me that she chose Gibbet Hill as her wedding location based on my images from Gibbet—whew…no pressure or anything! As luck had it, they ended up with the most gorgeous day with perfect bright sunshine, light breezes, and no humidity (which was a godsend with the weather we had been having) so we were really able to take advantage of all that Gibbet Hill has to offer. I love this venue and with the rolling fields, wire fences, red barns, and cows, love the cows. Kristyn & Billy were able to have an outdoor ceremony, which is my absolute favorite—even light, gorgeous green backgrounds, open shade, ability to walk around the outside to get more angles—love. Photographing these two was a breeze because they are so in love and totally adorable. I honestly couldn’t take a bad photo. The bridal party was pretty fun too, you’ll see. ;) So again, I apologize for an over-sharing of photos. Anyway, I know Kristyn is waiting for these very patiently…here you go!

Favorite Things:

• The guys wore pants & vests with no blazers—I’m a sucker for a guy in a vest
• Hanging the dress outside, love when a bride trusts me with her dress
• The gorgeous low light after the ceremony for portraits…so buttery
• Kristyn and Billy’s smiles when walking up the aisle…always a favorite





































Dress designer Paloma Blanca
Bridal boutique: Bella Sera
Groom & groomsmen attire: Classic Tux
Bridesmaids dresses: Bill Levkoff
Flowers: Floral Arts
Cake: Konditor Meister
Venue: The Barn at Gibbet Hill

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July 24, 2014


  • Great wedding captured by a true artist. I see dimples in their future.

  • Lexi, you did a fabulous job! I love them, can’t wait to see the rest!

  • These pictures captured the beauty of Kristyn and Billy’s wedding. They are amazing!

  • These photos are absolutely beautiful!!! Captured one amazing day :)

  • Lexi, you did an amazing job the pictures came out beautiful!!

  • Everything looks so gorgeous!!!! Mostly you Kristyn!!! Great pictures!!!!

  • Lexi, you did such an amazing job! I love them all!!

  • All of these pictures are so beautiful! You guys look amazing!

  • What a great bunch of photos!! Everything looks amazing!!

  • Amazing,Awesome,Beautiful Pictures. What A Wonderful Day!!!

  • Amazing wedding!! We had so much fun! And the photos look amazing!

  • What a beautiful couple!! The pictures are amazing and breath taking!!

  • Beautiful pics Kristyn! Congrats again!

  • Outstanding Pics. Hope Lexi is available for Cailin’s wedding… someday :-)

  • Amazing wedding and stunning photographs!! So happy for you guys!

  • All of these pictures turned out gorgeous! I absolutely love them. Lexi you are so talented!

  • Pictures are amazing! What a beautiful wedding!

  • Awesome pictures. Lexi you captured so much I had missed. Perfect day

  • Such beautiful pictures!! Thank you for sharing these pics! Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! Congratulations Kristyn & Billy <3

  • great pictures love them all

    (mother of the groom)

  • What an amazing venue! These pictures are so beautiful!!

  • The wedding was beautiful along with the gorgeous pictures. Wish I could of been there.

  • Beautiful pictures of Kristyn & Billy. Amazing job!!

  • Beautiful photo’s. What a great looking couple.

  • Beautiful venue, beautiful couple, amazing photographs!

  • Pictures are great !!! What a beautiful couple !!! Laurie , Billy grew up into a handsome young man. !! And he found himself a beautiful wife !! Wish we were able to go but love seeing the pictures

  • Thank You for capturing kristyn and Billy’s wedding in your amazing pictures!! They came out great and the wedding was perfect!!

  • These photos are stunning! Such an amazing job!

  • The pictures are beautiful from Kristyn and Billys wedding ..The day was great the wedding was so fun and you can see that captured in the photos! Thumbs up

  • Great Pictures enjoy your life together!

  • Beautiful pictures!!! Love them all

  • Beautiful pictures from a perfect wedding. Truly amazing shots. I need this photographer’s card!! :0)

  • Beautiful pictures! Love the dress hanging and love all the pictures out on the field. Nice black/white shots – great photography!! And a beautiful couple!

  • Congratulations!!! The photos are so lovely. God bless you in your future together. The photos display your happiness. What a wonderful photographer.

  • Congratulations!!! Your photos are amazing.

  • OMG these photos are unbelievably gorgeous! sooooo beautiful! Best Wishes AnnaD.

  • Love the pictures! What’s beautiful wedding!

  • Such amazing pictures. You looked beautiful kristyn!!!!!

  • All’s I can say is… AMAZING! What a great night and beautiful pictures. Lexi, you are worth your weight in gold!

  • You captured the day beautifully and we couldn’t be happier with the results… thank you

  • Such beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple!! Amazing wedding!!!

  • Kristyn she really captured your happiness-beautiful bride- beautiful pictures (cute groom too!)

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