Rowes Wharf Engagement Photos :: Katrina & Christian

I love my couples…love them! Katrina and Christian found me through their friends and I absolutely LOVE that I have the distinct honor of photographing them and their entire friend group. I am one seriously lucky photographer because every couple is absolutely amazing and totally fantastic in front of my camera lens. Gah, I love my job!

Anyway, let’s focus on the lovely Katrina & Christian for a moment. They are getting married next May in New Jersey and I am so excited to celebrate with them! We had made plans to do this shoot months in advance and since they were both coming in from out of town we had to do the session despite the fact that the weather was calling for thunderstorms. :( I was planning for rain, equipped with my handy umbrellas all day, preparing for gusty weather and we ended up with the most perfect evening for a shoot—breezy, sunny, gorgeous! I love the laughter in this session. We spent most of the time walking, chatting, and laughing. This session was also done along the harborwalk and at Rowe’s Wharf in Boston. I mentioned in my last post how much I absolutely LOVE the harborwalk in this area and it was perfect evening for a shoot. Onto the photos!

Favorite Things:

1. The color of Katrina’s gorgeous teal blouse…love
2. That we got the most amazing weather for a shoot
3. The little moments when Katrina couldn’t contain her laughter
4. Christian rockin’ the GQ look

 photo katrina_christian_e_011_zpsd087bfbb.png
 photo katrina_christian_e_007_zps1a8e18ee.jpg
 photo katrina_christian_e_021-2_zps5978b069.jpg
 photo katrina_christian_e_016_zpsad64baa4.jpg
 photo katrina_christian_e_017_zps4cbd5430.png
 photo katrina_christian_e_040_zps4d1823a0.jpg
 photo katrina_christian_e_033_zpsabb3e0a5.jpg
 photo katrina_christian_e_053_1_zpsfad535f7.jpg
 photo katrina_christian_e_072_zps4057e4ca.png
 photo katrina_christian_e_065-2_zps448375a5.jpg
 photo katrina_christian_e_077_zps7437e8c6.jpg
 photo katrina_christian_e_090-2_zpsd298cf36.jpg
 photo katrina_christian_e_082_zpsf9726b5a.png
 photo katrina_christian_e_094-2_zpseb23eb02.jpg
 photo katrina_christian_e_101_zps9184f37e.jpg
 photo katrina_christian_e_099_zpsbb431ad8.png

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July 9, 2013


  • This is Christian’s mom, and I just need to say how amazing these photos are! You have captured glimpses of Christian’s and Katrina’s personalities, so naturally! They are a beautiful couple, who complement each other in many ways.
    You have portrayed them as they really are. Thank you. I can’t wait for the wedding either!

  • These photos are awesome! My favorite two are the one on the steps with Katrina laughing and the one with Christian’s back turned and Katrina’s hair blowing in her face. And the puddle reflection one. Okay, so that’s three favorites.

  • Beautiful photos! I love the one with the reflection in the water :) I agree with the teal blouse- SO CUTE!!!

  • Congratulations guys! I wasn’t entirely sure Christian could smile but he proved me wrong! Wish you all the best!

    Also, gotta say what a great location for Engagement / Proposal pictures… ;o)

  • Love the pictures..! you guys look so happy :)

  • Aw! You both are tooooo adorable! Love the big smiles and love the one of you laughing Katrina!

  • Love the pictures – agree with the post above the teal blouse is amazing!

  • These photos are great! I really like the one on the steps with Katrina’s head tilted back and laughing. That looks like a J. Crew cover. Can’t wait until next May!!

  • Awesone pics. Really like the one of you guys with the reflection. Katrina definitrlylooks like she’s trying hard not to laugh in some…typical.

  • What beautiful engagement photos! Love them!

  • Ah! These are beautiful and you two look so happy :) What a couple of lookers!

  • These are great! Especially love the reflection shot :)

  • Beautiful shots guys. Great job to the photographer. and yes, Katrina your teal blouse really pops. You both look wonderful in these photos, and I can’t wait to celebrate next May!!

  • Loving your engagement photos! Can’t wait for your wedding next year! X

  • Beautiful, beautiful couple; artistic photography which captures their happiness. Countdown begins to W-Day next year !

  • Wow, great photos! You guys are looking good.

  • Two of my favorite people looking gorgeous! Beautiful photos!! XO

  • THESE ARE AWESOME!! I think the reflection photo is my fav which seems to be the consensus of all :) Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

  • These came out great!!! :) I can’t wait for the wedding :)

  • The puddle one is kind of awesome…can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Christian and Katrina are an amazing couple!

  • Beautiful pictures that capture the love of Katrina and Christian.

  • Great looking couple and great settings. Thank you for sharing.

  • My favorite is the picture of you two with the reflection! However, all of the photos are beautiful! I’m so happy for you two!

  • Love the black and whites! You guys are awesome!

  • Love the shots! My faves: 1st one…got’cha! and THE KISS!… Perfect like Christian and Katrina…xoxox

  • Love the all the pictures, especially the black & guys came out great.

  • Amazing shots… i like the black & white shot, as well as the one where Chris has like a Mona Lisa smile while Katrina is laughing…

  • Glad to see you finally had some pics taken! They look great!!

  • Oh man…there is not one bad picture in this batch. I have a tie for my top two: Katrina laughing leaning back on Christian’s shoulder and the puddle/reflection picture which is fantastic. Awesome shots. So happy for you two! xoxo

  • great shots – awesome couple – very effective use of natural lighting – love the one with a touch of sepia-like toning.

  • awesome pictures! the one with the reflection is amazing :)

  • Amazing shots! You two both look so happy together! Congratulations! Can’t wait to celebrate with you guys next May!! :-)

  • Congratulations to both the couple and the photographer! The love and happiness shone through in each pose.

  • Great pictures!!! Especially love the one with their reflections in the puddle. Congrats Katrina and Christian!


  • Christian is a lucky man to have such a lovely lady by his side! You two look wonderful together. We love you guys.

    Ken & Jen

  • GORGEOUS PICS!! So happy for you guys and can’t wait to see you back in Boston soon!

  • Absolutely beautiful shots capturing the happy couple in such natural moments. Too many favorites to list…. Katrina & Christian, you both look great together!!!

  • Absolutely beautiful! I’m so excited for you two!

  • You guys look great!! They are all beautiful- but I have to say I’m most partial to the one with the block “&” (ampersand?!?)

  • these pictures are beautiful! love the puddle reflection!!

  • These are beautiful!! It’s hard to pick my favorite they are all so great!

  • So beautiful!!! Good luck on the contest and best wishes you two!!

  • first, I favoured the fierce, tyra-approved shots, then became enamoured with the rampant laughter on the stoop, but I know I definitely love the sepia-toned mischievous picture–katrian, you’re, like, too attractive.

    attaboy, christian!

  • Amazing pics, really capture the wonderful love Kat & C share. How on earth are you going to pick a finalist? Love!!

  • I love these!! I especially love the ones where you’re laughing and in the teal shirt! So pretty, you’re going to make a gorgeous bride :)

  • Love! Didn’t expect anything less :) See you in September, Lexi – unless we go paddle boarding!

  • Nice pics –specially the b&w. Beautiful couple.

  • Love all of them. Reflect your personalities.

  • Beautiful pictures – just loved them. So happy for both of you!! Photos are so artistically done!

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