Smith Barn Engagement Photos :: Bekah & Jeremy

Lately I’m feeling like a really really really lucky photographer. Not that I ever feel unlucky…but I’ve just had a wonderful start to this season so I’m smiling over here. :) I hadn’t met Bekah and Jeremy until this session and can I just say that I adore them? Is that okay? That maybe, possibly, I have a little crush on them? ;)

We got a beautiful sunny day for their session even though it had been calling for rain and the apple trees were in bloom and it was gorgeous. Bekah wore an adorable sundress and cowboy boots (something that we just might see on their wedding day this August?!?!) and Jeremy spent his time between hugging Bekah and kissing her forehead (ah, swoon). Seriously, they are beyond adorable and here are the pics to prove it!

Things I loved about this shoot:

1. Meeting the adorable Bekah and Jeremy
2. Photographing in an apple orchard
3. That they started the shoot laughing…love <3

 photo bekah_jeremy_e_002_zps01c5476e.jpg
 photo bekah_jeremy_e_024BW_zps0a72ff78.jpg
 photo Untitled-3-18_zps2d1ccc04.jpg
 photo bekah_jeremy_e_039_zpsf148db9a.jpg
 photo bekah_jeremy_e_048_zps18623a78.jpg
 photo bekah_jeremy_e_066-2_zps5a0b0dbb.jpg
 photo bekah_jeremy_e_058_zps3b969ae5.jpg
 photo bekah_jeremy_e_070-2_zps77ce5ebe.jpg
 photo bekah_jeremy_e_091_zpsabe62f85.jpg
 photo bekah_jeremy_e_073_zps60c9009c.jpg
 photo bekah_jeremy_e_084_zps2b9820a6.jpg
 photo bekah_jeremy_e_079_zpsd96d2c42.jpg

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May 20, 2013

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  • Beautiful pictures, Wishing you all God’s Blessings.

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