Malibu Engagement Photos :: Kelsey & Kyle

I met Kelsey and Kyle back at Lindsay & Adam’s wedding in NY last summer. Kyle is Lindsay’s cousin and Kelsey is originally from LA, so we all got to talking and Kelsey was kind enough to indulge us with some talk about our upcoming move to LA. We chatted a bit and they ended up calling me when they came to the west coast for some of their wedding planning. Although they live in New York, Kelsey is a west coast girl and so they planned their wedding for this summer here in Cali. I was psyched when they booked me for their wedding and to say I am a bit excited to photograph these two in August is an understatement! They are a fabulous couple and we had so much fun walking around the incredible property of Malibu Wines in gorgeous Malibu. We got to explore the whole property and even ended the evening with a little wine tasting…win win:) I have so many great photos so here’s a peek at the fun we had!

When your session starts with a laugh like this you know you’re in for some fun!

Kelsey, you’re stunning.

This was a great spot with beautiful light! I just adore their smiles here:)

Every single spot we went to had perfect light and so much to work with.

Hello random taxi cab set up for our picture-taking pleasure. Yes, I think I will take a shot with you:)

Again, Kelsey…you’re gorgeous!

Inside the taxi cab.

Really with the awesome background and the random door to the middle of nowhere. This is Simon’s shot, a favorite of mine from the session.

Kyle, you’re not too bad yourself. You got “the look” down pat.

Alright, please do not try this at home. This picture frame is really cool and Kelsey and Kyle are amazing and were willing to stand inside it. Afterward Kelsey tells me that she is always told she is not so coordinated…I nearly died that she was willing to do this in wedge heels. I think it was all worth it though, don’t you?!?!

Too picturesque not to use for a shot.

Hello gorgeous California light. Hello fabulous Kelsey and Kyle!

We ended with a bit of wine tasting. The Saddlerock Farms wine is wonderful!

Simon’s shot. I just really like the quality of light in this photo. Gah the California light is everything I ever dreamed it would be!

Yes to adirondack chairs and beautiful low light.

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March 28, 2011


  • Pictures look great! Looking forward to the wedding in August and getting some of that California light and wine! Lexi, awesome job as always – see you in August and we might need to kidnap you for a couple pictures of me, Lindsay, and Addison!

  • Beautiful pics! I wanna see some more….maybe Kelsey can make her “angry” face again?

  • These are beautiful! Lexi you did an amazing job capturing Kyle and my sister. I can’t wait to see more for the wedding in August! Love the one of the wine and the “rocking” picture.

  • These pics are so awesome…and I love your necklace!!! You and Kyle look amazing!! Can’t wait to see more after the wedding in August!!!!

  • Nice pictures guys.. This is going to be such a great wedding. You certainly do have ‘the look’ ski.

  • So So GORGEOUS! Both the couple and the scenery. I love them!

  • I see why you were so fascinated by Lexi…What a unique & creative expression of your time together so far! You both are so naturally beautiful & I especially loved the photos on this page. Kelsey & Kyle you both look so in LOVE! xo

  • Spectacular pictures! Lexi, thanks so much for letting me share that special day. Cheers! Can’t wait to see you again in August.

  • I loved the whole natural look of both Kyle and Kelsey. They just fit in with the scenery. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures.

  • Great Photos, I can’t believe how beautiful the scenery was and i guess the couple too. Can’t wait to see what Lexi and Simon do with the wedding photos.

  • Really liked your pictures, but still pissed you missed work :D

  • The pictures are awesome especially the one where you guys are standing in the picture frame (is that real or photo shopped?)

  • Wow Kyle and Kelsey are the perfect couple and these photos really show it!! Lexi you did a great job showing their personalities in the photos.

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